About Rebrighten

Rebrighten.org is a not for profit organization newly established to study, promote and deploy Marine Cloud Brightening (MCB) as the most effective, safe and rapid available method to reverse global warming. We seek to raise the funds required to implement our proposal to prove the feasibility of MCB as a way to cool and re-brighten the planet, alongside broader existing efforts to mitigate warming by cutting and removing greenhouse gases. Help us create a brighter, safer future for the planet & humanity by supporting this crucial project.

Rebrighten’s mission is to raise funding for our research on marine cloud brightening.

Rebrighten has a triple meaning. A brighter planet will:

  1. Brighten by reflecting more sunlight to space, making the world cooler and safer with higher albedo.
  2. Brighten our thinking by bringing more rationality and evidence into climate policy discussions in science, engineering, politics and economics
  3. Brighten up our mood about climate by providing practical solutions to global warming. 

Our Organisation

Our Team

  • Professor Stephen Salter, Project Director, will provide intellectual and technical leadership for the project. 
  • Dr Brian von Herzen, Executive Director of The Climate Foundation, will be responsible for overall project management and finance. 
  • Professor Alan Gadian, National Centre for Atmospheric Science, Leeds University, will manage work on computer modelling. 
  • Other initial members of the project team are Robert Tulip. Rebecca Bishop, John Macdonald and Daniel Kieve. 


Our project seeks to collaborate in partnership with leading MCB researchers around the world including:

The Centre for Climate Repair at Cambridge University

The MCB Project at the University of Washington

Great Barrier Reef MCB Program, Queensland Australia

Refreeze the Arctic Foundation

Our consortium members have professional links with each of these organisations and will be able to further the collaboration between them for MCB research and testing.